Superfood Complete

Optimum Organic Nutrition


Superfood Complete

Optimum Organic Nutrition


100% Organic Nutrition

  • * 30 Nutrient Dense super-foods.
  • * Full Spectrum Vit/Mineral Support
  • * Total body daily health in a Scoop
  • * Clean Nutrition
  • * Noticeable Energy and Focus boost.
  • * Excellent for survival food kits.
  • * Over 2 years Shelf life.
  • *If you are pregnant or nursing, always consult a physician before use!

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The human body receives all of its nutrients through organics or WATER SOLUBLE/FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS via the everyday foods you eat!

“While plants are designed to ingest and break-down minerals, humans are not. The truth about nearly all minerals in supplements is that they are really industrial chemicals made from processing rocks with one or more acids. The consumption of this “other half” of the mineral compound is not only unnatural, it can lead to toxicity concerns. Humans were designed to eat food and to get their minerals from foods.” – ROBERT THIEL PH.D., NATUROPATH

· 92% of Americans have a vitamin deficiency.

· More than 90% of all disease is caused by congestion in the colon.

· 90 percent of Americans of color are vitamin D deficient

· Approximately 70 percent of elderly Americans are vitamin D deficient

· 20% of liver damage cases may be related to dietary supplements.

· 66% of Americans take at least 1 prescription drug.

· The total number of prescriptions filled by Americans has increased over 85 percent – and in just the last 20 years.


30 of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth, heavily fortified with organic full spectrum vitamin and mineral support.

The Benefits


Camu Camu, Mango, Lemon,
Avacado, Papaya, Acai, Goji
Berry, Graviola, Cocunut Water, Acerola Cherry.

Green Foods:

Kelp, Spinach, Spirulina, Beet
Root, Carrot, Chlorella, Wheat
Grass, Kale Dulse.


Immunity, Energy, Detox, Libido, Healthy Brain, Focus, Gut Health, Mood Support, Alkalinity, Anti-stress, Anti-ageing, Probiotics.


Ashwagandha, Astragalus,
Turmeric, Ginger, Aloe Vera,
Reishi, Mushroom, Moringa Olifera.


Guarana, Maca Root, Green Tea,
Chia Seeds.

Nutrition Labels: